Wonderful Family Tour, Good Weather

Because of the tired work and busy business in China, I have not enough time to go out to relieve. Several days ago, my wife suggested that booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour as entertainment. I asked why choose this tour. She got some information about this section from her colleague. She liked Chinese Great Wall groups very much, not only because the highest fame and elegant appearance but also the gems of wisdom of ancient Chinese people. In addition to this, Jinshanling Great Wall section kept the original features and wild appearance. So, by this chance, together with my family, booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour to relax and research the ancient Chinese culture.

Our guide offered by Jinshanling Great Wall tour is so considerable and informative giving us the most considerable service and much information about Jinshanling Great Wall on the whole journey. I clearly remembered once upon arrived at the foot of this section, tour guide arrange us starting climbing from the east section of this wall section. My son jumped and was impressed by the panda joys deeply. There are also many vendors ranking along this section. Yes, it is truly that this section kept the original appearance. There are so many ruined sections appeared to us, wild grasses, wild trees and local culture and farmers. Exciting Jinshanling Great Wall Tour started as the happy appreciating. First, taking pictures with the surroundings, the tourists climbed from this section are less, leisure and free! Weather on that day showed unique sunny although season is the early spring. Appreciating the vigorous sunlight, I felt all the scenery here are alive and dazzling. It seemed that this section is communicating to me and talked many stories and legends to us. The elegant mountains it relied called Jinshan. So, this great wall section is named after it.

Jinshanling Great Wall tour brought me too much including the history and culture. From our tour guide, I got this section is built in the Qin Dynasty and it was used for fighting against the enemy. After getting tired, we had a short rest, appreciating the landscapes. Sometimes, we talked about with the hikers together. Soon, we arrived at the top section. Wow, the sceneries on the top are so charming we shouted and laughed!

Much thanks to my tour guide and she presented us the most charming and dazzling section.