Tailor a Stunning Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Last week, together with my family, we explored a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I liked this section so much that I was reluctant to leave it at last. Under the detail exploration of considerable tour guide, I got the background of this section including history and the deep cultural connotation. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of my mother. She told us that she wanted to feel the deep ancient culture. This section is far away from Beijing City center and we drive about two hours getting here. During the hiking journey, I appreciated, enjoyed the terrific scenery, fresh air, tranquil environment. However, Jinshanling Great Wall tour also taught me a lot. Now, I would like to share them with you.

[caption id="attachment_626" align="alignright" width="249"]Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

1. Getting the detail routes about Jinshanling Great Wall. Being far away from Beijing city center, tourists always do not get the detail information about it. Before departure, having a check about the route is very important. Without getting the detail routes, it will lead to waste of time and money.

2. Season played a very important role for the terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. For the most of the tourists, they all want to have a fully enjoyment but they did not get when is the ideal time to explore. Late spring and summer are ideal time to explore Jinshnaling Great Wall, because during this period, weather will be not too hot. You could choose the camp for the overnight.

3. Pay attention to the notice on the Jinshanling Great Wall. During your exploring journey, you would find there are many notice established different locations. There are many warn words written. Some of them are telling you that you should pay attention to the slope and some of them telling you litter is forbidden. So, we should be careful and protect the environment.

4. For the children and disabled person, cable car is ideal hiking tool, because for such an old building, there are many ruined sections. For the little children, they are able to get away. So, if you are going on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour with your family, please take the cable car.

5. If you are alone, when finished hiking, lingering too long is dangerous. For a wild great wall, you should get together with your friends and family, after finish hiking, going back your hotel soon. Lingering too long is dangerous!

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