Special Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Experience

Several days ago, I enjoyed Jinshanling Great Wall tour with my family. It was the winter season in China. During this period of Chinese Spring Festival, each street and corner were full of happy atmosphere. In the original time, Jinshanling Great Wall tour was not added in our tourism itinerary. Under the suggestion of my wife, we booked Jinshanling Great Wall, because she told me that she liked Chinese history very much and she wanted to explore much about Great Wall original appearance. We searched some information about Chinese Great Wall groups and choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour as our exploring goal. After reading these reviews of after exploring this section, I think it is ok.

jinshangling-great-wall-hikingOn the second day, lovely tour guide picked us in the departure time and we communicated with each other talking about the basic information about Chinese traditional Great Wall buildings and some cultures. After a short chatting, we became best friends and got her name – Rose. On the way to Jinshanling Great Wall, all kinds of appearances appeared in my mind, elegant, strange, huge and mysterious. To be the lucky, weather in Beijing is not to cold and snowy but sunny and warmer. Under the cool sunshine, we arrived at the foot of this section quickly. From the far distance, it looks like a huge dragon decorating with wild grasses and trees reflecting the cold feelings and cool tastes. Jinshanling Great Wall tour starts with hiking. On the whole hiking journey, we talked and laughed. Wow, once getting closer to this section, I found its real wild features and original appearance, vivid and mysterious. I did not feel any tired and boring, but my wife. She felt very tired on the half way hiking. Once seeing there are too long journey to finish, she gave up finally. But, I was completely addicted into its huge elegance. I liked it very much. At that time, I decided I must conquer it and discover the scenery standing on the highest point. I went on hiking and listened to the detail explanation about Jinshanling Great Wall from my tour guide. She told me the history about Jinshanling Great Wall, the culture and the name story. Lying on the elegant Jinshan Mountains, this section was named after it.

To my happy is that I stepped on the top point to finish my Jinshanling Great Wall Tour. I really did not know which word could express the exciting feeling, wonderful and unforgettable!