Realize awesome Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

In the early time, I have heard that Beijing is a miracle city, where the tourists could get more than expect. This time, under the suggestion of my mother, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour on the website. Booking process is so easy that Jinshanling Great Wall tour this company offered contained so considerable service and detail itineraries. Why choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour? My mother is a fan of Chinese Great Wall buildings and has already appreciated Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. During this free time, we decided to climb this section for visit.

On the journey of hiking, we saw the great features of this section. It is truly an amazing wild section with many wild grasses and sophisticated culture and tastes. I gained much and learnt much. Now, I would like to share some tips for your wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

1. Before starting your tour, a set of loosen clothes will be appropriate, because for such a wild section, there will be many ruined sections and wild bricks on this hiking journey. You should do your best to conquer them. If you dress too tight, then actions will be very hard to climb. Loosen dressing could lead you a comfortable hiking journey and happy feeling.

2. Drinks and food should be prepared in advance. During my hiking journey, there are various vendors ranking along this section selling food and drinks. However, I bought one bottle of water, so expensive. So, doing preparation in advance is ideal.

3. When you are drinking or having a rest, choosing a gentle location is an ideal idea, because this section is a wild and original section, if you stand a dangerous place for drinking or rest, danger will be happened. So, during your Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you should be cautious.

4. It is better to have partner and friends with you. Jinshanling Great Wall is very far away from Beijing city center. If you are a regular Beijing visitor, you will be very strange to the surroundings, not alone this section. It is easy to occur to the getting lost phenomenon. Together with your friends or your family exploring it or your tour following your tour guide!

These tips are concluded by us. Hope they are helpful for your holiday. Wish you a wonderful trip!