Practical Tips for Visiting Jinshanling

If you have visited the Great Wall at Badaling or Mutianyu and still want to see a section of the Great Wall more off the beaten path, Jinshanling Great Wall tour is a good bet. Here is some practical information about exploring Jinshanling:

How to Get There?

Sightseeing bus is available since April 24, 2012, every Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 8:00 am off to Jiannshling, 15:00 pm back. It takes about 3 hours to reach Jinshanling. Passengers planning on Great Jinshanling Wall tour can buy the bus ticket at the departure time. The ticket price is 120 Yuan, including admission to the scenic spot, one-way cable car. No shopping included. Departure place: No. 45 Dongzhimen Xie Jie (974/975/942/936 Terminus Road) Tel: 84024628

The DIY visitors can get to Dongzhimen and take the Line 980 to Miyun Youth Palace Station (Ticket Price 6 Yuan). Out of the station, then go straight ahead, across the traffic lights, then turn right and walk 200 meters to the China Mobile building to take Line 25 to the Gubeikou Village. Self driving: drive along Jingcheng highway (State Road 101), pass by Gubeikou village, and then drive another mile.

Admission Ticket Info for Jinshanling Great Wall tour:

High Season (from March 16th to November 15th) adult ticket 65 Yuan

Off-season (November 16th to March 15th) Adult ticket 55 Yuan

One-way ropeway 40 Yuan, a total length of 1000 meters, 150 meters elevation, time length - 17 minutes.

Get accommodation during Jinshanling Great Wall tour:

Near Jinshanling Scenic Area located a two-star Jinshan Hotel, which can accommodate 200 people with a dining room holding more than 500 people.

What to explore during Jinshanling Great Wall tour:

The Great Wall at Jinshanling is not well restored and repaired, and there is plenty to explore here, including a total of 24 watchtowers dating back to four hundred years ago. From the Great Wall at Jinshanling to Simatai, with distance of nearly ten km, takes about 4 hours. Visitors can hire the local tour guide to hike the Jinshanling and Simatai – it will be safer. Usually visitors can pay some tips to the guide (50 Yuan is okay), or buy a brochure from the villagers.

All in all, with these above-mentioned tips in mind, you will enjoy a pleasant journey to Jinshanling!