Off the Beaten Path Hiking to Jinshanling

Everything seemed so unbelievable during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Never seen a section of the Great Wall so weird and wild like it! I had so much fun and blood-pumping memories along the way! Really glad that I opted for it!

Now let me give you some details about my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I set out with my tour guide around 8:00 am and hopped on a bus heading for Jinshanling. It took us about 3 hours to get there and on the way over there I dozed off a couple times. Got to say getting there is really a pain in the ass without a tour guide. When we finally made it there, I almost tripped over as I jumped off the bus. My legs numbed after hours of bus ride, it was not until I stretched them for a while that we headed to the wall.

You guys would have never guessed how I felt when I first saw the snaking walls; even I myself could not just find the right words to describe it at the time! I was totally stunned by what was unfolding before my eyes – the remote snaking wall meandering in the wilderness and disappearing into the horizon beyond. However, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour was not officially started until we hiked along on the wall. Got to say nothing was the same as what I saw when I stood beneath the wall. It was really marvelous to get to see the mind-blowing sweeping views on the wall. By the way hiking up Jinshanling is really challenging as some sections of the wall had completely fallen into pieces and the path was overgrown with wild plants, making it quite hard to walk through. However, with the help of my experienced tour guide, I slowly got the hang of climbing such tricky sections.

Moreover, after hours of hiking, the path led us through dozens of watch towers which had also fallen apart or were in ruins, but it made a lovely sight for some photos. I was really tired after hours of hiking, but I was glad that it was all rewarded! Before I knew it, we had to call it a day with this Jinshanling Great Wall tour, though i still wanted to see more.

It was really an amazing Jinshanling Great Wall tour, highly recommended to those looking to taste some adventures in Beijing!