Tailor a Stunning Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Last week, together with my family, we explored a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I liked this section so much that I was reluctant to leave it at last. Under the detail exploration of considerable tour guide, I got the background of this section including history and the deep cultural connotation. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of my mother. She told us that she wanted to feel the deep ancient culture. This section is far away from Beijing City center and we drive about two hours getting here. During the hiking journey, I appreciated, enjoyed the terrific scenery, fresh air, tranquil environment. However, Jinshanling Great Wall tour also taught me a lot. Now, I would like to share them with you.

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1. Getting the detail routes about Jinshanling Great Wall. Being far away from Beijing city center, tourists always do not get the detail information about it. Before departure, having a check about the route is very important. Without getting the detail routes, it will lead to waste of time and money.

2. Season played a very important role for the terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. For the most of the tourists, they all want to have a fully enjoyment but they did not get when is the ideal time to explore. Late spring and summer are ideal time to explore Jinshnaling Great Wall, because during this period, weather will be not too hot. You could choose the camp for the overnight.

3. Pay attention to the notice on the Jinshanling Great Wall. During your exploring journey, you would find there are many notice established different locations. There are many warn words written. Some of them are telling you that you should pay attention to the slope and some of them telling you litter is forbidden. So, we should be careful and protect the environment.

4. For the children and disabled person, cable car is ideal hiking tool, because for such an old building, there are many ruined sections. For the little children, they are able to get away. So, if you are going on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour with your family, please take the cable car.

5. If you are alone, when finished hiking, lingering too long is dangerous. For a wild great wall, you should get together with your friends and family, after finish hiking, going back your hotel soon. Lingering too long is dangerous!

Are you ready for this section?

First Tour in 2004 – Exciting Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

To celebrate my birthday, last Thursday, I explored Jinshanling Great Wall with my family. I tasted Beijing Roast Duck, appreciated Beijing Forbidden City. It is time to research Chinese Great Wall sections. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of mine. In the earlier time, I have heard that this section is very different from other sections. After telling my family, they agreed with me. To our surprised is that Jinshanling Great Wall tour offered by Beijing Landscapes Company contained so considerable service and cheap price.

Jinshanling Great WallIn order to enjoy a wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared enough and dressed loose clothes. On the whole journey to Jinshanling, I imagined its appearance, features and surroundings. Informative tour guide told us that it is better to lead the children take the cable car to hike, because there are some ruined sections with slope features. After arrived at this section, weather gradually becomes warmer. There are many vendors ranking in the foot. Souvenirs, food, clothes and some other toys are all scattered here. My wife took my little children taking the cable car and I hiked it by foot. I wanted to get closer to it and feel the deep culture of this mysterious section. Jinshanling Great Wall tour started in the exciting phenomenon.

Under the sunshine, I stepped on this wonderful building. It is truly an amazing with sophisticated appearance. All the surroundings seemed to be standing still, only it presenting alive and lifelike. The stages were made by the stone brick showed the profound history. It seemed that I could smell its culture, unique and bright! Touching the bricks built on, I felt proud. Even though the season is the earlier spring and weather showed a little colder, I felt warm and a little hot. There are many garbage boxes ranking along this section. Only they could add some modern tastes to this historical relic. Hiking on, breathing fresh air and appreciating the wild scenery, I thought I have mixed into Chinese ancient history. Tourists hiked in this section become more and more. We communicated and talking about its history and shared the exciting feeling.

About hiking 1.5 hours, I stepped on the top and my wife and children have arrived. We took many pictures and enjoyed this happy time. At that time, I thought there will be nothing important than this kind of feeling.

Wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour is easy to get!

Tailor a Wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

With people life standard developing faster and faster, there are more and more people want to go to the tranquil place to cultivate sentiment and mood. During this time, Jinshanling Great Wall tour has seized loads of attention. With wild appearance and original features, Jinshanling Great Wall is the most ancient section. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists exploring this section to enjoy and widen vision.

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Located on the elegant Jinshan Mountain, Jinshanling Great Wall stored profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. In the ancient times, this section plays a very important role for guarding the border of China. Located far away from Beijing city center, Jinshanling Great Wall is a natural section where the tourist could get avoiding the noisy city and sip the fresh air, appreciate the natural scenery without any decoration. However, how to have a wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour? How many tips you should pay attention on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour? Today, I would like to introduce you some ideas to you!

1. Arrange the time exploring Jinshanling Great Wall. Before booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you should consider your time. Chinese national holidays should be avoided, because during this time, there will be many tourists gathering here. It will be very squeeze and crowded! The best time to adventure this section is in the late spring and the earlier summer. During this time, choose one day will be an ideal idea.

2. Before your journey, you should buy the food and water in your local hotel, because there are many vendors selling goods ranking along this section. The water and food sold here are very expensive. Save money and time!

3. Dressing is also a very important essence. During the hiking journey, tight clothes should be forbidden. During such a long hiking journey, there are many slope and ruined sections. Tourists should prepare the loosen clothes to adventure.

4. On the hiking journey, littering everywhere should be forbidden. For the world wonder, we should protect them and keep a clean environment but destroying. At the same time, carving is also forbidden.

5. Jinshanling Great Wall is the only section could have a camp holiday. Before booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you should consider the time, choosing a nice season and time to explore and enjoy. It will be a terrific experience staying in Jinshanling at night.

After seizing these tips, wish you succeed!

Awesome Scenery, Saving Money Tour

When relating to Jinshanling Great Wall, what appeared in the mind would be the wild appearance and original features. Recent years, booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour has become a popular action in the tourists, recent years. The considerable service and professional tour guide, Jinshanling Great Wall tour has gained much recognition. Apart from Jinshanling Great Wall tour, there will be another tour entertaining you. Equipped with Beijing highlight spots and informative tour guide, this tour could cultivate your sentiment and mood, as well as saving your money being arranged 2 days. It is more meaningful and dazzling than booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

[caption id="attachment_590" align="alignright" width="300"]Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

On the first day, you would be led to widen vision appreciating largest square – Tiananmen Square. Compared with Jinshanling Great Wall tour, the highlights of his tour contained will be very near from Beijing city center. Standing on this large square, many famous and historical buildings would be flying into your vision including Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Great Hall of the People, etc. After this appreciation, Forbidden City will be arranged next. This large scale imperial palace will show you the profound history and deep traditional culture. When your exciting feeling is reaching the high degree, Lama Temple would appear in your vision. It is the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China. In the afternoon, typical Chinese lunch will satisfy your stomach fully. These three large scale royal buildings will end your half day tour. Charming Summer Palace will meet you in the afternoon. It is equipped with gorgeous scenery and dazzling design.

On the second day, professional tour guide would lead you to appreciate the famous large scale tomb area – Ming Tombs. Here, you would be arranged to appreciate the famous Changling Tomb. This is the largest and most magnificent tomb in this area. In the afternoon, elegant Badaling Great Wall would greet you with best preserved appearance and dazzling section. Compared to Jinshanling Great Wall tour, this great wall section offered by this tour would lead you to appreciate the most famous section. There are ever many world famous celebrities coming here.

The two days appreciation will help you have a deep understanding about Chinese history and culture.

Price including:

1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

2. Air-conditioned car, van or minibus for your private group.

3. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing.

4. Private driver and English-speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing along the tour.

5. Meals as listed in itinerary, B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner.

Price excluding:

1. Fee of cable car;

2. Tips to the guide and driver.


Distinct Experience Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall

I really did not know which word should be used to express my exciting feeing of successfully booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour. To be honest, when I was a student in China, I have heard Jinshanling Great Wall is an ideal destination to taste the original culture and the wild appearance. At that time, I thought it was a wonder. I explored this section with my father. My father gave me some basic information about Chinese Great Wall groups, because he explored Badaling Great Wall once.

[caption id="attachment_396" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall of China tour Great Wall of China tour[/caption]

When arrived at this section, all the tourists became very happy and exciting. The whole appearance of Jinshanling Great Wall is shaded by the vendors and the trees. I could not seize the whole appearance to take picture. Jinshanling Great Wall tour starts in the crowded hikers. In the beginning, I felt very relaxed. I got closer to this section, I became happier. It is truly keeping the original appearance and most of the bricks built on this section presented yellow colors. To my happy is weather showing sweet and sunny became the best essence of my terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Scenery on this section is very fresh and clear. Air here is clearer than modern city. On the whole journey, mo father listened to the detail information of this section from the tour guide. I saw many tourists taking the hand-stick hiking this section. I think it is a smart idea.

Touching the bricks of this section, all the histories seemed to fall into my mind making me record its building history, building architecture and some other relating legends. With the hiking journey is becoming longer and longer, my father got happier and happier. We chatted with the hikers. Tour guide told us that the ideal season booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is in the late spring or earlier summer. During this time, tourists could have a camp on this section. When we arrived at the top of this section, my father took the most exciting moment. Yes! It is truly terrific that appreciating the Sunset scenery. What a wonders I have never appreciated. Having a short relaxed on the top sharing with the feelings of succeeding, I felt very proud. Jinshanling Great Wall tour experience will mark into my mind forever.

Ideal time, ideal weather, sweet tour guide, I got it!

Cheerful Jinshnaling Great Wall Hiking Experience

I would store this memory in my mind forever! Challenging Jinshanling Great Wall tour truly left me a deep impression. Together with my mother to experience this section, I learnt more and got more. I am Singapore and my mother is Chinese. This time, booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we considered came to China to visit my grandmother and have a fully relaxed. My mother was very interested in Chinese Great Wall, because during her young age, she is failed to explore.

To our surprised is we only spent US$ 47 for our Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Tour guide was a girl who was smart and intelligent. I clearly remembered after arriving at Jinshanling Great Wall section, my mother nods her head and she said it is truly the right section she wanted to appreciate and research. I really did not get her meaning. What appeared in front of me is a large scale wild features and original appearance. Before start our Jinshanling Great Wall tour, tour guide gave s some detail points we should pay attention. After stepping this section, I have a special kind of feeling I have flied to the ancient times. I was completely impressed by its original appearance. This time, it seemed that I understood my mothers feeling. On the whole journey, taking pictures become our main task. We wanted to take them home and present to my father. Under the warm sunshine, we chatted and communicated with the hiking partners and our tour guide. I learnt that Jinshanling Great Wall plaid a very important role in the ancient times. I could not imagine how they were built under the condition without the advanced tool and engines.

We got a surprise when we got building this section spent millions of laborers. How a large numbers it is! When hiked the half way, my mother got very tired. I advice her taking the cable car, she gave up. We helped each other and go on hiking. Scenery on the high location is very different from the foot, charming and fresh. Air her is clearer than any places of Beijing. After hiking for twenty minutes, we arrived at the highest section. Standing on the top, shouted to the far distance, happy and unforgettable.

Jinshanling Great Wall tour brought me not only the real culture of China but the life theory which is could not be studied anywhere!