Tailor a Stunning Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Last week, together with my family, we explored a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I liked this section so much that I was reluctant to leave it at last. Under the detail exploration of considerable tour guide, I got the background of this section including history and the deep cultural connotation. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of my mother. She told us that she wanted to feel the deep ancient culture. This section is far away from Beijing City center and we drive about two hours getting here. During the hiking journey, I appreciated, enjoyed the terrific scenery, fresh air, tranquil environment. However, Jinshanling Great Wall tour also taught me a lot. Now, I would like to share them with you.

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1. Getting the detail routes about Jinshanling Great Wall. Being far away from Beijing city center, tourists always do not get the detail information about it. Before departure, having a check about the route is very important. Without getting the detail routes, it will lead to waste of time and money.

2. Season played a very important role for the terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour. For the most of the tourists, they all want to have a fully enjoyment but they did not get when is the ideal time to explore. Late spring and summer are ideal time to explore Jinshnaling Great Wall, because during this period, weather will be not too hot. You could choose the camp for the overnight.

3. Pay attention to the notice on the Jinshanling Great Wall. During your exploring journey, you would find there are many notice established different locations. There are many warn words written. Some of them are telling you that you should pay attention to the slope and some of them telling you litter is forbidden. So, we should be careful and protect the environment.

4. For the children and disabled person, cable car is ideal hiking tool, because for such an old building, there are many ruined sections. For the little children, they are able to get away. So, if you are going on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour with your family, please take the cable car.

5. If you are alone, when finished hiking, lingering too long is dangerous. For a wild great wall, you should get together with your friends and family, after finish hiking, going back your hotel soon. Lingering too long is dangerous!

Are you ready for this section?

Adventurous Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Experience

Truly amazing scenery in Jinshanling Great Wall! I felt very proud when appreciating the pictures took in this section. Much thanks to my informative tour guide – Lisa who gave me considerable service and detail history explanation! In the original, before booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I have no idea about this section. I only heard Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. Under the suggestion of my Chinese friends, they told me that the late summer is ideal time to explore this section. So, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour in Beijing Landscapes Company. I believed this company very much, because I was the regular customer of it!

On the journey to this section, tour guide gave me the basic rules I should follow and some tips. At that time, I did not understand why there are so many tips. I really want to be fast to reach it. After arrived at this section, what appeared in the mind are the vendors selling souvenirs and water, food. Jinshanling Great Wall tour starts in the live atmosphere. After stepping on this giant section, I felt into its wild appearance, old and sophisticated as well as ruined! Holding exciting feeling, go on hiking. Scenery here is truly fresh and dazzling. All the plants are natural and charming. I started like this section. On the half way hiking journey, I got very thirsty. To my surprised is that water here sold very expensive, wasting of money! Thus time, I remembered the tips tour guide told me. Sometimes, I sited on the section for a while and sometimes, I took pictures with charming scenery.

Tourists here are becoming more and more, Jinshanling Great Wall tour experience also become more alive and naughty. Communicating with the making me understand much and leant much. Under the sunlight shining, all the things on the earth presented more alive and fresh. Touching the wall buildings, I felt unique warm and exciting. Admiring Chinese ancient people, I started interested in this giant building project. Original features of Great Wall are all gathering in this section. After about one hour, I stepped on the top, shouting and laughing! I really did know how to express the exciting feeling I held. I only knew I got my wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

On the way back to the foot of this section, I thought a lot and shared my feeling and ideas to my tour guide. She told me that this section is far away from Beijing center, where I could find the natural features of this world.

Cheerful Jinshnaling Great Wall Hiking Experience

I would store this memory in my mind forever! Challenging Jinshanling Great Wall tour truly left me a deep impression. Together with my mother to experience this section, I learnt more and got more. I am Singapore and my mother is Chinese. This time, booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we considered came to China to visit my grandmother and have a fully relaxed. My mother was very interested in Chinese Great Wall, because during her young age, she is failed to explore.

To our surprised is we only spent US$ 47 for our Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Tour guide was a girl who was smart and intelligent. I clearly remembered after arriving at Jinshanling Great Wall section, my mother nods her head and she said it is truly the right section she wanted to appreciate and research. I really did not get her meaning. What appeared in front of me is a large scale wild features and original appearance. Before start our Jinshanling Great Wall tour, tour guide gave s some detail points we should pay attention. After stepping this section, I have a special kind of feeling I have flied to the ancient times. I was completely impressed by its original appearance. This time, it seemed that I understood my mothers feeling. On the whole journey, taking pictures become our main task. We wanted to take them home and present to my father. Under the warm sunshine, we chatted and communicated with the hiking partners and our tour guide. I learnt that Jinshanling Great Wall plaid a very important role in the ancient times. I could not imagine how they were built under the condition without the advanced tool and engines.

We got a surprise when we got building this section spent millions of laborers. How a large numbers it is! When hiked the half way, my mother got very tired. I advice her taking the cable car, she gave up. We helped each other and go on hiking. Scenery on the high location is very different from the foot, charming and fresh. Air her is clearer than any places of Beijing. After hiking for twenty minutes, we arrived at the highest section. Standing on the top, shouted to the far distance, happy and unforgettable.

Jinshanling Great Wall tour brought me not only the real culture of China but the life theory which is could not be studied anywhere!

Travel Smarter for Jinshanling Great Wall

As the world wonders, Chinese Great Wall groups have attracted a lot of tourists in the modern days. Exploring Great Wall, tourists could widen their vision and taste deep traditional culture.  As we all know, Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and elegant section in the world. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists coming to this section to discover and enjoy. Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful and charming section in the great wall groups. Different seasons, this section would present different appearances to entertain all the tourists. Among these sections, Jinshanling Great Wall will be the most dazzling one with wild features and original appearance. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour has become a must-do among the tourists.

With profound history and deep cultural connotation, Jinshanling Great Wall was very famous as the role plaid in the past. It was rented as an important pass guarding Beijing city. Lying on the elegant Jinshan Mountain, this section was named after this mountain, called Jinshanling Great Wall. However, enjoying a wonderful holiday has become a theme problem. However, how to have a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour? Today, I would like to give you some golden suggestions.

1. Different seasons, Jinshanling Great Wall would present different dazzling appearances. Jinshanling is the only one section to be camped. However, if you want to have a unique happy Jinshanling Great Wall tour experience, the ideal season you should choose is the earlier summer or late spring, because during this period, weather is neither too hot nor too cool. Staying at this section overnight, you would have a rare chance to appreciate charming scenery and enjoy fresh air.

2. Hiking journey is very difficult and hard, so taking enough preparations should be attention. Enjoying Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you should take enough water, food and the towel, because during the hiking journey, great loads of water would be lost. However, if you buy the necessities, purchasing in your local hotel will be smarter. The water and food sold around Jinshanling Great Wall will be too expensive.

3. If you want to have an alive and happy holiday, wearing loose clothes will be an ideal choice. There will be many destroyed locations in this great wall, you would have hard step. This time, tight clothes would stop your journey.

After getting these golden suggestions, I believe wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour is just around the corner!

Wonderful Great Wall Tour Experience in Beijing

Oh, this time, I really enjoyed very high by Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Beijing is always my exploring destination. I am very interested in its history and attractions, especially the real royal buildings. Great Wall groups are the most dazzling part. In the original time, I wanted to explore Badaling Great Wall. But from my Chinese friends, I got that this section is always crowded during the holidays. So, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour on the website. This suggestion is given by my friends. They knew I was very interested in Chinese traditional history. They also told me that I could feel the original tastes from this section.

[caption id="attachment_601" align="alignright" width="300"]Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Jinshanling Great Wall Tour[/caption]

On the departure day, when I was preparing for my Jinshanling Great Wall tour, tour guide telephoned me and told me that they have arrived at this hotel. So responsible and considerable! Tour guide was a handsome boy who is studying in the Qinghua University and he told me that he was also very interested in Chinese traditional buildings and culture. On the whole way, we communicated and talked about Chinese history and Jinshanling Great Wall. Soon, we became the best friends sharing our daily boring and difficulties. After arrived at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall, the Great Wall appearance was covered by the vendors and the tourists. I only could see elegant mountains. Tour guide told me that this mountain was called Jinshan, so the great wall built here was called Jinshnaling Great Wall.

When started our Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we were ordered to take a hand-stick. After climbed a short distance, I see its appearance clearly, elegant and grave. It seemed that there are many stories hidden behind this section full of mystery and dazzling colors. After finished half hiking journey, I started to feel tired and boring. To be luck that I took a hand-stick could help me to finish the rest section. The whole way is full of the happy laugh and stories. I could easily feel the traditional tastes from the bricks built here, sophisticated and grave. Grasses grew both sides has become a guard cultivating this section and accompany with it. No sooner than that I stepped the highest point. Tour guide told me the best location to take pictures. Taking pictures is my favorite thing.

After Jinshanling Great Wall tour is finished, my mind is still lingering in this section…..!

Best Itineraries and Good Plan

This time of booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I think I have earned much! I felt very proud that I made such a smart decision. In fact, in the original time, my wife wants to explore Badaling Great Wall. However, I have challenged it ever for many times and I knew this section is always squeezing and crowded. After persuading my wife, we consulting my Chinese friends and choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour. To be honest, exploring Jinshanling Great Wall has been added into my dream plan. I really want to unveil its mask and see how it was built. After finishing booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared a lot of clothes and food, because this season is winter adding this section is the most far away from Beijing center.

On the departure day, when we are enjoying our breakfast, tour bus arrived! I felt very sorry that we have not done the enough preparation to greet them. After finishing this food, we ran to them and got on the bus. This bus provided is a new and grand bus which could stand about 30 people. There are many tourists came from Singapore. We communicated with each other and talk about our feelings and Chinese history. From our tour guide, we got some basic information about each great wall section. I really think it is very interesting. During the whole journey, the whole bus is full of laugh.

After arriving at this section, getting down the bus, I first felt very cold, not because the weather but this section sent out. From the foot appreciating, it looks like an old man guarding this area and Beijing City. After doing the preparations, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour started. Wow, it is so elegant that I could not see its ending. There are many vendors arranging their souvenirs along this wall adding more modern tastes to this old man. When climbing at the central way, I saw its sophisticated appearance, wild and original. But, this time, I have got very tired. Under the help of my wife, I did my best climbing longer. But, I was really tired. Each step is just like an elegant mountain difficult to climb. So, after a short time resting, I went on. To my surprised, I finally succeed!

Much thanks to Jinshanling Great Wall tour! I really got much!

Special Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Experience

Several days ago, I enjoyed Jinshanling Great Wall tour with my family. It was the winter season in China. During this period of Chinese Spring Festival, each street and corner were full of happy atmosphere. In the original time, Jinshanling Great Wall tour was not added in our tourism itinerary. Under the suggestion of my wife, we booked Jinshanling Great Wall, because she told me that she liked Chinese history very much and she wanted to explore much about Great Wall original appearance. We searched some information about Chinese Great Wall groups and choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour as our exploring goal. After reading these reviews of after exploring this section, I think it is ok.

jinshangling-great-wall-hikingOn the second day, lovely tour guide picked us in the departure time and we communicated with each other talking about the basic information about Chinese traditional Great Wall buildings and some cultures. After a short chatting, we became best friends and got her name – Rose. On the way to Jinshanling Great Wall, all kinds of appearances appeared in my mind, elegant, strange, huge and mysterious. To be the lucky, weather in Beijing is not to cold and snowy but sunny and warmer. Under the cool sunshine, we arrived at the foot of this section quickly. From the far distance, it looks like a huge dragon decorating with wild grasses and trees reflecting the cold feelings and cool tastes. Jinshanling Great Wall tour starts with hiking. On the whole hiking journey, we talked and laughed. Wow, once getting closer to this section, I found its real wild features and original appearance, vivid and mysterious. I did not feel any tired and boring, but my wife. She felt very tired on the half way hiking. Once seeing there are too long journey to finish, she gave up finally. But, I was completely addicted into its huge elegance. I liked it very much. At that time, I decided I must conquer it and discover the scenery standing on the highest point. I went on hiking and listened to the detail explanation about Jinshanling Great Wall from my tour guide. She told me the history about Jinshanling Great Wall, the culture and the name story. Lying on the elegant Jinshan Mountains, this section was named after it.

To my happy is that I stepped on the top point to finish my Jinshanling Great Wall Tour. I really did not know which word could express the exciting feeling, wonderful and unforgettable!

Exciting Journey to Jinshanling

Last week I visited the Great Wall at Mutianyu section. I had a wonderful time and a lot of fun in there, but at the end of my visit I still felt that something was missing. Mutianyu section is well restored and all, so it did not give me some blood-pumping stuff that I was looking for. To quench my curiosity I ventured further to go on a Jinshanling Great Wall tour. That is really what I was looking for when I cast my first look at the snaking yet tumbling wall in there!

I got up very early in the morning, and jumped on a bus for Jinshanling. It took me about 3 hours to get there – much longer than the close sections, but it is all worth it! When I arrived at the entrance, my local guide Li was there waiting for me. We chatted for a little while and then hiked up the hill. The journey is really tough during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour as some of the paths are fallen apart and overgrown with bush and shrub. After an hour of hiking, the tumbling path led us to a watch tower – man you really got to see it for yourself! The tower is tumbling with only some ruins left. I did not get near it in fear that it might fall down at any minute. The views on the wall are really amazing as the snaking wall meandering among the wilderness and fading into the remote horizon. I was totally stunned by what I saw during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour! I have never seen a sight more mind-blowing and breathtaking!

Time flies! After about two hours of hiking during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour, it was time for us to recharge with a picnic, so we stopped by a watch tower (you have no idea how hard it is to find a relatively complete tower) to fill our stomach while taking in the views. It was really a fabulous time I had there! Li is very funny and could not stop talking about how proud he felt about this engineering feat! After finishing our picnic and having a rest, we continued hiking along the rest of the wall. When I made my way to the hotel, it was already after dark. Tired and dead-beat, I gave myself a relaxing bath in the tub. End of my Jinshanling Great Wall tour! Great memories!