Best Itineraries and Good Plan

This time of booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I think I have earned much! I felt very proud that I made such a smart decision. In fact, in the original time, my wife wants to explore Badaling Great Wall. However, I have challenged it ever for many times and I knew this section is always squeezing and crowded. After persuading my wife, we consulting my Chinese friends and choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour. To be honest, exploring Jinshanling Great Wall has been added into my dream plan. I really want to unveil its mask and see how it was built. After finishing booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared a lot of clothes and food, because this season is winter adding this section is the most far away from Beijing center.

On the departure day, when we are enjoying our breakfast, tour bus arrived! I felt very sorry that we have not done the enough preparation to greet them. After finishing this food, we ran to them and got on the bus. This bus provided is a new and grand bus which could stand about 30 people. There are many tourists came from Singapore. We communicated with each other and talk about our feelings and Chinese history. From our tour guide, we got some basic information about each great wall section. I really think it is very interesting. During the whole journey, the whole bus is full of laugh.

After arriving at this section, getting down the bus, I first felt very cold, not because the weather but this section sent out. From the foot appreciating, it looks like an old man guarding this area and Beijing City. After doing the preparations, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour started. Wow, it is so elegant that I could not see its ending. There are many vendors arranging their souvenirs along this wall adding more modern tastes to this old man. When climbing at the central way, I saw its sophisticated appearance, wild and original. But, this time, I have got very tired. Under the help of my wife, I did my best climbing longer. But, I was really tired. Each step is just like an elegant mountain difficult to climb. So, after a short time resting, I went on. To my surprised, I finally succeed!

Much thanks to Jinshanling Great Wall tour! I really got much!

Off the Beaten Path Hiking to Jinshanling

Everything seemed so unbelievable during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Never seen a section of the Great Wall so weird and wild like it! I had so much fun and blood-pumping memories along the way! Really glad that I opted for it!

Now let me give you some details about my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I set out with my tour guide around 8:00 am and hopped on a bus heading for Jinshanling. It took us about 3 hours to get there and on the way over there I dozed off a couple times. Got to say getting there is really a pain in the ass without a tour guide. When we finally made it there, I almost tripped over as I jumped off the bus. My legs numbed after hours of bus ride, it was not until I stretched them for a while that we headed to the wall.

You guys would have never guessed how I felt when I first saw the snaking walls; even I myself could not just find the right words to describe it at the time! I was totally stunned by what was unfolding before my eyes – the remote snaking wall meandering in the wilderness and disappearing into the horizon beyond. However, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour was not officially started until we hiked along on the wall. Got to say nothing was the same as what I saw when I stood beneath the wall. It was really marvelous to get to see the mind-blowing sweeping views on the wall. By the way hiking up Jinshanling is really challenging as some sections of the wall had completely fallen into pieces and the path was overgrown with wild plants, making it quite hard to walk through. However, with the help of my experienced tour guide, I slowly got the hang of climbing such tricky sections.

Moreover, after hours of hiking, the path led us through dozens of watch towers which had also fallen apart or were in ruins, but it made a lovely sight for some photos. I was really tired after hours of hiking, but I was glad that it was all rewarded! Before I knew it, we had to call it a day with this Jinshanling Great Wall tour, though i still wanted to see more.

It was really an amazing Jinshanling Great Wall tour, highly recommended to those looking to taste some adventures in Beijing!

Priceless Memory for Explored Great Wall!

Because we kind of curious what the different between one section of Great Wall with another one, then we decided to take this tour. Yes, there are very different. Not only for its scenic views around, but also the hiking level of difficulties which each section of the Wall has exactly different with another. I love this Hiking the Great Wall of China!


My first time visit Great Wall since I worked in Beijing for almost two years. On the first day, tour guide picked us up right in front of our apartment. My housemates and I, we got the tour from booking online service one week before the day. We started our trip to Juyongguan Great Wall, hike the west section for almost 3 hours and did see fabulous and beautiful scenery in the surroundings. Our hiking was not too slow but did not rush either. If we felt tired, we did have rest and continued our journey if ready. We followed the rule not only in Juyongguan, but the other sections in the

[caption id="attachment_300" align="alignright" width="250"]Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

second, third and fourth day, the same rules.


In the second day, after breakfast, our guide transferred us for visit Mutianyu section of Great Wall. Hiking for about 2 hours, we enjoyed the views in the surroundings. Lots of took pictures than walked. Best for photography I thought. We also took the cable car to reach above. After our tour in Mutianyu, we moved to the Jinshanling Great Wall after lunch. We did stay overnight at the hotel in the foot of Jinshanling. This tour was also become a nice excursion trip far from Beijing, in the suburb outside the capital where my friends and I, we could breathe fresh air and enjoyed stunning beauties of sceneries.


The best thing that happened is the weather was nice. Within those 4 days, the climate in 4 different section of Great Wall include Great Wall of China Jinshanling was very cooperative. I thought, it would be rainy days because several days before the trip there were some big rains did hit Beijing. I was really worried about that. Luckily, the rains did not stop our trip.


Besides, Juyongguan and Mutianyu, we also did visit Simatai and Jinshanling  Great Wall China. Both sections more like offers its original features with less renovation and reparation. In both sections, we seems like got the adventurous feeling more. Impressive feeling we got when joined the tour. All was very memorable and priceless.

Advantages of Hiking Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great WallThe distance between Jinshanling Great Wall to Simatai Great Wall is the section that best preserved its original appearance in Beijing area. In this section ancient military installations are the most complete with solid constructions. Jinshanling Great Wall is the section foreign visitor most would like to hike. There are more foreigners hiking Jinshanling Great Wall than Chinese, said a local famer.

Advantages of hiking Jinshanling Great Wall: A. this section of Great Wall is almost without maintenance, including 24 look-out tower. It has preserved the original appearance 400 hundred years ago. B. This entourage is relative safe, and distance is moderate. The distance between Jinshanling Great Wall to Simatai Great Wall is about 10 kilometers, its take 4 hours to walk. C. Don’t like hiking other sections of Great Wall, visitors have to return back, the far they gone, the long distance thy need to return back. No backtrack is another advantage of Jinshanling Great Wall.