Great Wall tour

Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall has an beautiful natural landscape This section of the Great Wall is comparatively smoother than most of other Great Wall sections. There are 20 towers on the Mutianyu Great Wall for about 3000 meters on the snaking the ridge. The watch towers at the are distributed at short intervals. The 20th tower is highest towerof the Mutianyu Great Wall.

 Gubeikou Great Wall tour

Gubeikou Great Wall is consisted of two main parts – Panlongshan Great Wall and Wohushan Great Wall. “Panlongshan” means “Coiled Dragon Mountain” while “Wohushan” means “Crouching Tiger Mountain”. The two mountains face each other with a valley in between from south to north. Now the valley has turn into a fast developing Gubeikou Township under Miyun County of Beijing.

Wohushan Great Wall tour

Wohushan Great Wall is now still completely wild and unrestored. When people talk some information about Gubeikou Great Wall, they often refer to Panlongshan Great Wall.

Ruined Badaling Great Wall tour

Ruined Badaling Great Wall is 10km southwest of the restored Badaling Great Wall. So, as its name means, this section of the Great Wall is more adventurous, and it is not easy to climb. It is the least touristy section of the Great Wall around Beijing.

 Xiangshuihu Great Wall tour

Xiangshuihu Great Wall has a steep slope over 1000 meters long with 5 towers. “Xiangshuihu” means “the gurgling lake Great Wall”.

 Jiangjunguan Great Wall tour

Jiangjunguan Great Wall is lying on the north of Jiangjunguan Village. It was built in Ming Dynasty. “Jiangjunguan” means “a general’s pass”. This place used to be an important pass with military importance.