First Tour in 2004 – Exciting Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

To celebrate my birthday, last Thursday, I explored Jinshanling Great Wall with my family. I tasted Beijing Roast Duck, appreciated Beijing Forbidden City. It is time to research Chinese Great Wall sections. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of mine. In the earlier time, I have heard that this section is very different from other sections. After telling my family, they agreed with me. To our surprised is that Jinshanling Great Wall tour offered by Beijing Landscapes Company contained so considerable service and cheap price.

Jinshanling Great WallIn order to enjoy a wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared enough and dressed loose clothes. On the whole journey to Jinshanling, I imagined its appearance, features and surroundings. Informative tour guide told us that it is better to lead the children take the cable car to hike, because there are some ruined sections with slope features. After arrived at this section, weather gradually becomes warmer. There are many vendors ranking in the foot. Souvenirs, food, clothes and some other toys are all scattered here. My wife took my little children taking the cable car and I hiked it by foot. I wanted to get closer to it and feel the deep culture of this mysterious section. Jinshanling Great Wall tour started in the exciting phenomenon.

Under the sunshine, I stepped on this wonderful building. It is truly an amazing with sophisticated appearance. All the surroundings seemed to be standing still, only it presenting alive and lifelike. The stages were made by the stone brick showed the profound history. It seemed that I could smell its culture, unique and bright! Touching the bricks built on, I felt proud. Even though the season is the earlier spring and weather showed a little colder, I felt warm and a little hot. There are many garbage boxes ranking along this section. Only they could add some modern tastes to this historical relic. Hiking on, breathing fresh air and appreciating the wild scenery, I thought I have mixed into Chinese ancient history. Tourists hiked in this section become more and more. We communicated and talking about its history and shared the exciting feeling.

About hiking 1.5 hours, I stepped on the top and my wife and children have arrived. We took many pictures and enjoyed this happy time. At that time, I thought there will be nothing important than this kind of feeling.

Wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour is easy to get!

Great Wall of China Hiking Day Tour

As a universal simple China tour, Jinshanling Great Wall is the best-preserved section in Ming Great Wall with charming scenery and photograph reputation. Jinshanling Great Wall tour has become a popular tour in the tourism listing. In addition to this wonderful Chinese elegant building, you will be the lucky man to explore wonderful Badaling Great Wall to unveil its mystery with best preserved outline and the Mutianyu Great Wall. After appreciating these two wonders, it will add more colors to your Great Wall of China holydays. Compared with Jinshanling Great Wall tour, this tour will be more terrific.

[caption id="attachment_396" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall of China tour Great Wall of China tour[/caption]

Same with Jinshanling Great Wall tour, this tour will also offer you pick up service. First, your cheap rental car will pick you up from your local hotel on the departure time with the professional translator, according to your real condition. Then you will be lucky to be drive to Badaling Great Wall around 09:30 am. Compared with Jinshanling Great Wall tour, Badaling Great Wall this tour provided will give you a shock! As one of great wonders, Badaling Great Wall is the best preserved and most representative part in Ming Great Wall gathering unexpected Chinese labor force. This Great Wall, for the universe, is world-wide for its imposing magnitude. You have about 2 hours to enjoy this feast. Appreciating Jade Carving Factory will be arranged followed. After appreciating the traditional carving art, with the tour guide, you will enjoy the Chinese lunch.

After lunch, you will be lead to head to appreciate Mutianyu Great Wall. This kind of wonders is famous for its beautiful surroundings in seasons of the year. With 2 hours to hike, this Great Wall of China travel will bring you different feeling compared with Badaling Great Wall. After fully appreciating, transfer your local hotel. The price of Beijing tour would cost from US$ 63(400 CNY ) with luxurious air-conditioned car and private tour guide. Travel smarter and be a smarter traveler will begin from this Beijing tour.

If you say Jinshanling Great Wall tour is great, then this tour will offer the most exciting movement.

Price including:

1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel;

2. private luxury air-conditioned car or van;

3. Entrance tickets of sightseeing;

4. Private driver and English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing about the tour;

5. A typical Chinese lunch.

Price excluding:

Tips to drivers and guides.

Hugging a Terrific Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

As world wonders, Beijing Great Wall groups have become a dazzling attraction in the tourists. Different section, you could taste different feeling and culture as well as different charming scenery. As one of the bright Great Wall tours, Jinshanling Great Wall tour has got a high recognition with typical appearance and tastes. Lying on the elegant Jinshan Mountains, Jinshanling Great Wall was just like a guard protecting the Beijing safety.

[caption id="attachment_396" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall of China tour Great Wall of China tour[/caption]

Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you could taste the original features from the ruined bricks built on it. Stepping on this section, you could feel the fresh air far away from naughty Beijing city. Apart from this, you could meet many foreign friends to feel the wild area living style. However, in the modern days, there are many people could not seize their terrific Jinshnaling Great Wall tour and leaving a regret feeling to their life. Today I would tell you how to explore a wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour. 1. Choosing a nice time and a nice season. For holidays, all Beijing tourist attractions will become very naughty and busy, not alone Beijing Great Wall groups. So, you should plan your touring time within Beijing national holidays. Nice season is also very important. Late summer will be an ideal season during which, weather will be neither too hot nor too cool. Adding Jinshanling Great Wall is the only section to explore camp life, so you could challenge! 2. Bring too much cash is forbidden, because during this time, this section will be full of tourists and vendors, thieves this time would stole your money and some valuable things. So, taking a card is ok. If you still stick to bring money with you, you could turn it over to your tour guide. 3. Under the help of your tour guide to buy the souvenirs: when you are on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour, you would see many vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs along this section. There are many kinds of souvenirs, bright and dazzling to reserve. If you want to buy, you should ask your tour guide and check the price is too expensive or not. 4. During the hiking journey, there are the cable car established for the children and the disabled person. If you take children or you were the disabled person, taking cable car is an ideal idea. Under these suggestions, have you prepared enough?

Wonderful Jinshanling Holiday Experience

I have deep feelings to China, because my mother was Chinese. Even though, my father was an American people, when I was a child, they told me some stories about China. At that time, I got a lot about Chinese culture and history. Now, I am studying in China and by this Chance, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour as my Chinese memory, because I have explored Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of my Chinese friends. Booking process is so easy and fast and I searched some reviews abut Chinese Great Wall.

On the departure day, I met my tour guide who was a boy with intelligent knowledge and handsome appearance. On the whole journey to the Jinshanling Great Wall, I heard the history, culture and stories happened on this mysterious section. After arrived at Jinshanling Great Wall section, scenery here is full refresh and colors. There are so crowds of tourists booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour gathering here. Most of them were come from the foreign countries. I took a lot of pictures at the foot of this section including the vendors, tourists, tress and elegant mountains. Stepped on the first stage, I got very excited. With sunlight exposure, light wind breezing, I felt very free and getting complex relaxed. I love this kind of feeling my Jinshanling Great Wall tour endowed me.

O the hiking journey, sometimes, I took pictures with the tourists, sometimes, I chatted with the local vendors in unskilled Chinese language. I felt very happy at that time. Considerable tour guide explained the mountain the Jinshanling Great Wall relied. This elegant mountain was called Jinshan in the ancient times. So, this Great Wall section was named after this mountain. Also, I got that this section is the only section where you could have camp holiday. It was truly that I could feel the ancient culture and story from this section. It remained the original appearance and wild features making me feel very curious. When the terminal point is soon to get, tiredness starts to pour my body. Every step is just like an elegant mountain waiting for my climbing. Sweat poured from my body. At that time, I thought I must insist. Under the help of my tour guide, we finally reached the highest point taking the birds view picture.

Much thanks to my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I find the real culture of China!

Mistake You Should Not Do Hike on Jinshanling Great Wall

Hiking on Jinshanling Great Wall offer visitors an adventurous hiking activity. Since Jinshanling section of the Wall has its original Ming Dynasty Wall, then Jinshanling Great Wall tour always become popular for tourists who love challenge. Here there are some mistakes that you should not follow or do during 1 day Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

1. Travel Independently to Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall is the most popular hiking trip among all the sections of the wall around Beijing. Travel it independently might become your option, but do not make it for granted. Because Jinshanling is located a bit far from Beijing, quite in remote area, so public transportation must be hard to get there. It is really recommended for visitors to get help from China local travel agency to arrange your Jinshanling Great Wall tour. More about transportation benefit, tour guide is available to accompany you all the way. It is better to hike the Wall with partners or even tour guide for your safety, right.

2. Visit it After Snow or When Raining

Since Jinshanling Great Wall is a Wild Great Wall with narrow and steep hiking trail. It could be very dangerous to hike it after snow. Do not take any risks of it and choose the best time with good weather while hiking on Jinshanling. Although the scenery might breathtaking and magnificent, but for me, I would not take any risk ahead. The same time happen when raining. Hiking trails might be so slippery and it surely not a nice time for hike any parts of Great Wall when it raining. Avoid climbing under bad weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

3. Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

The wall is also very steep at a number of points, combined with loose stones, can become precarious. Jinshanling is a remote and isolated section of the Great Wall. Very few tourists make the longer trek out so you are most likely guaranteed a relatively peaceful walk. Prepare to bring and wear necessary things before join Jinshanling Great Wall tour such as water, snacks, food, tissue, etc for a long hiking track. All in all, the most important thing is dressed properly. Since Jinshanling is a hard section to hike then comfortable hiking shoes would be really important.

Make your Jinshanling Great Wall tour comfortable, relaxing and at the same time give you short time to enjoy breathtaking scenery as well as the structure of this magnificent military project.

Full Day Hike on Wild Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall located about 120km northeast of Beijing, it means from early morning, we should depart from hotel to reach Jinshanling on time. We were already grateful to have a day away from the crowds where we could enjoy nature, solitude, and the beauty of Chinas Great Wall at Jinshanling. This section of the wall is actually connected with the Simatai section, and it is usually possible to walk from Jinshanling to Simatai; however, at the moment Simatai is closed for reconstruction. Hiking trail from Jinshanling to Simatai also gained its popularity back then before Simatai section closed.

Jinshanling Great Wall Tour is my biggest highlight during our time in Beijing. Besides the experience, its structure of Jinshanling offers its best. Less construction, far from crowded and have incredibly ideal hiking trail. We did choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour because we want to spend an entire day hiking the Great Walls lesser visited sections so we could quietly enjoy it in all its medieval glory.

We began our Jinshanling Great Wall tour right after we were picked us up in front of our hotel in downtown Beijing. Drive far from the city, so we did have a great opportunity to get through Chinas countryside, allowing a glimpse of what life looks like outside of the big city. We had almost arrived at our destination when we saw a peek of it in the hills, the Great Wall of China!

Same as our imagination, there were almost no other travelers besides us we did meet during Jinshanling Great Wall tour. The hike is not too dangerous, just enough to be interesting and require attention and caution. Some parts might be little steep and narrow. You need to wear comfortable hiking shoes and carry a backpack to hold water, snacks and other belongings.

After about 4 till 5 hours hike on the Wall, took great pictures on the way, and experienced a lot we did summarized our trip was memorable, priceless! I would definitely recommend avoiding the touristy parts of the wall and checking out this hike. Jinshanling Great Wall tour will take every traveler to enjoy breathtaking views of original Great Wall! If you love sports, adventure and hiking then Jinshanling section of Great Wall is clearly the place to be.

Incomparable Beijing Highlights Visit

If you want to appreciate the most famous section, you could choose Beijing Badaling tour, if you want to appreciate the most harming section, you could choose Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall tour, if you are very interested in the ancient appearance of Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall tour will be an ideal choice. Covering considerable service and cheap price, Jinshanling Great Wall tour has got a high recognition in the tourists. On one hand they could enjoy hiking experience getting closer to Chinese building; on the other hand they have a chance to get closer to the ancient culture from Jinshanling Great Wall tour. However apart from the Jinshanling Great Wall tour, there is a nice cheap tour leading you many Beijing highlights only spending you 305 CNY in two days.

First, on the first day, this tour would offer you pick-up service drive you to appreciate Ming Tomb. Here, you will be arranged to appreciate the Changling Tomb. Considerable tour guide will give you some detail information about the destination you explored. Ming Tombs buried 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty and it is the largest clusters of imperial cemeteries in China. Changling is the tomb of Emperor Chengzu and his empress. It is the largest and most magnificent one of Ming Tombs. In the afternoon, you will be arranged to enjoy typical Chinese lunch in the Jindian Restaurant. After lunch, you would be arranged to appreciate the most famous Badaling Great Wall. If needed, you could take the cable car to enjoy your hiking journey. On the way back to your hotel, you would have a treatment chance to appreciate the modern buildings – Birds Nest and Water Cube.

On the second day, you would be picked up to appreciate the dazzling Tiananmen Square. After this, exciting time is coming. You would be widden your vision through appreciating Beijing Forbidden City. As we all know, Jinshanling Great Wall tour could widen your vision to lead you the most ancient tastes, Forbidden City this tour offered would lead you to appreciate the largest and best preserved imperial palace. After this appreciating, you would be arranged to appreciate the Temple of Heaven. This building is the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China. In the afternoon, you would be enjoyed another delicious typical Chinese lunch. Largest royal park – Sumer Palace will end your tour with unique charming and well-designed architecture.

If you could hold your feeling, book it and join us!

Price including:

1. Pick-up and drop off service from your hotel;

2. Entrance tickets of sightseeing;

3. Air-conditioned vehicle van with driver;

4. English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing about the tour;

5. Typical Chinese lunch.

Price excluding:

1. Fee of cable car;

2. Tips to the guide and driver.

5. At last, driving the travelers back to guest hotel

Ideal Holiday Great Wall Tour Experience

Jinshanling Great Tour has seized all the tourists with its original features and wild appearance. Different season, Jinshanling Great Wall tour will present you different features and appearances. Especially, in summer, Jinshanling Great Wall tour offers you a great chance to explore the free camp life. Lying on the elegant Jinshan Mountains, Jinshanling Great Wall section is just like a guard protecting Beijing City. Compared to other sections, this wild section plaid a very important role as a military pass in Chinese ancient time. If you want to have a terrific holiday life, except Jinshanling Great Wall tour, there is another tour waiting for your booking.

This tour only spends you US$ 55( 350 CNY ) including many essence of Beijing highlights. First, this tour guide would pick you up from the hotel and drive you to appreciate the famous Badaling Great Wall for a half day excursion. On the way to the Badaling Great Wall, you would have a chance to visit a large scale jade processing factory. This factory will help you to know the process of Chinese jade carving and Chinese jade culture. After this, you would enjoy your Badaling hiking journey. Compared to Jinshanling Great Wall tour, this section offered by this tour, no matter in China or in the tourists has got much recognition with famous and best preserved appearance. Hiking journey will be more terrific under the leading of the professional tour guide.

In the afternoon, you would be arranged the typical Chinese lunch to enjoy. After this lunch, you will widen vision to appreciate the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden – Summer Palace. Compared to other historical sections, this garden presented more refresh and dazzling. It seized a high fame with charming scenery and well-designed layout getting much thumb in the world. Its grandness, luxurious features has greatly influences Chinese horticulture. The last destination of the tour is the Olympic Stadium. You have 45 minutes to take pictures outside the Birds Nest and Water Cube. If you are interested in the inner structure, our tour guide will assist you in buying the tickets and you could have the inner visit all by yourself.

If you say Jinshanling Great Wall tour is terrific, then this tour will help you to explain the terrific.

Price including:

1. Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.

2. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing.

3. Excellent individual English-speaking tour guide.

4. Private air-conditioned car or van with driver.

5. Typical Chinese lunch.

Price excluding:

1. Fee of cable car;

2. Tips to the guide and driver.

How to Make a Half Day Private Tour of Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall has known as the closest section of Great Wall from the downtown. It is also become the first best preserved section of Great Wall which opened to the public. If you only have limited time travelling Great Wall, then I will suggest this Great Wall of China Tour for you. Hike the Great Wall with our private tour and get comprehensive information about the Wall itself. Come to see the details below:

[caption id="attachment_311" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall of China travel Great Wall of China travel[/caption]


On the morning, guide will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the suburb outside Beijing (Yanqing County) to visit Badaling Great Wall. During this Great Wall of China travel, you will have about 2 hours to enjoy its magnificent Wall and stunning views around. Badaling is relatively crowded with visitors, home and abroad, better avoid the crowded and weekend. Badaling Great Wall  the most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall, the closest from Beijing, just 60 kilometers northwest from Beijing.


After explore Badaling Great Wall, transfer you to Chinese restaurant to have lunch. After take rest and lunch, in the afternoon, back to the downtown and return you back to hotel. The tour end!


Enjoy your Great Wall of China tours with us by join this tour. Price of the tour costs from US$ 29(185 CNY) and include a short visit (45 minutes) to Jade Carving Factory where you could see an excellent example about Chinese traditional carving jade skills.


Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop off service from your hotel;
2. Air-conditioned private vehicle car or van;
3. Entrance tickets of sightseeing;
4. Private driver and English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing about the tour;
5. A typical Chinese lunch.


Price excluding:
1. Fee of cable car;
2. Tips to the driver and the guide.

How About a 2 Days Impressive Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Guy?

Jinshanling Great Wall Tour will bring you to explore one of the favorite sections among hikers. Enjoy the hiking adventure and discover original features of Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Jinshanling. Because located far from the downtown, it will be very convenient and organized if you join the local travel agency. And we will help you to make your journey to the Great Wall fun, educated and adventuring.

[caption id="attachment_308" align="alignright" width="259"]Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Jinshanling Great Wall Tour[/caption]


With this 2 days Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking Tour, you will get a great experience from the trip start till the end. First, your private guide will pick you up at the hotel in downtown around 1:30 pm and then transfer to Jinshanling Great Wall. Drive to the Great Wall for about 2 and half hours till reach the Wall. You will hike the best west part of Jinshanling Great Wall which known as its outstanding views and see the beautiful sunset. After that, bring you to have dinner and transfer you to the Jinshanling Great Wall Hotel, stay overnight there.


In the second day, after you enjoy your breakfast in the hotel about 9:00 am, together with our guide you will continue the journey to the east section of Jinshanling. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes since Jinshanling hiking path rather steep and gets narrow in some parts. Be careful in every step you take. After hike the Wall, move to the local farm house to have lunch and transfer you back to the downtown. Jinshanling Great Wall: Favorite section for hiking, remains many original features of Great Walls


The price of this Jinshanling Great Wall Tour costs from US$ 168 (1,070 CNY0) include hotel.


Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel;
2. Air-conditioned car, van or minibus for your private group;
3. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing;
4. Private driver and English-speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing along the tour;
5. Meals as listed in itinerary, B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner;
6. Hotel accommodation (two persons share one room).

Price excluding: 
Tips for the tour guide.