Wonderful Accommodation for Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Having a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour and enjoying a comfortable accommodation environment are the important points for the modern tourists. As we all know, Jinshanling Great Wall is the most wild and original section in Beijing Great Wall groups. Being far away from Beijing center, Jinshanling Great Wall has become a wonderful place to enjoy tranquil environment, get fully relaxed and cultivate sentiment and mood. With considerable service and professional tour guide, Jinshanling Great Wall tour has attracted loads of foreign tourists. However, during Jinshanling Great Wall tour, what the most impressive will be the accommodation. This time, Jinshan Hotel will be the most qualified to undertake this high fame.

[caption id="attachment_597" align="alignright" width="300"]Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

Every day, Jinshan Hotel will receive hundreds of tourists after finishing jinshanling Great Wall tour. With best location near to Jinshanling Great Wall section, Jinshan Hotel is a two star hotel and also is the only foreign-related hotel in the scenic area. Tourists come to here exploring only need to walk twenty-minutes to the wall. What the most attractive is that the building architecture of this hotel is used the Ming and Qing Dynasty building style. Equipped with 62 rooms, this hotel will satisfy all the tourists for seeking happiness. Each room was decorated with comfortable patterns and advanced facilities. Both the domestic and international long-distance calls can be placed in the rooms. If you have business to deal with after finishing Jinshanling Great Wall tour, the meeting room equipped will help you. The meeting room in this hotel is equipped with broad-band access. It will be your best partner in your work.

For the tourists who are interested in the Chinese cuisine, Jinshan Restaurant would satisfy your desire. Chinese and Western style cuisines here all could impress your stomach. It could receive over 300 people at the same time. In addition to this, there established a large scale open square outside the restaurant. When the night falls, this open square will become an ideal place to hold bonfire party and barbecue with professional stage lights and acoustic equipment. Owing to the advanced location, standing in your living room, you could appreciate the landscapes in Jinshanling Great Wall. This time the feeling of going back to the ancient times will become stronger. Tasting the fresh air, avoiding to the naughty city center, Jinshan Hotel will show you the best to your Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

If you could hold your exciting feeling, join us!

Off the Beaten Path Hiking to Jinshanling

Everything seemed so unbelievable during my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Never seen a section of the Great Wall so weird and wild like it! I had so much fun and blood-pumping memories along the way! Really glad that I opted for it!

Now let me give you some details about my Jinshanling Great Wall tour. I set out with my tour guide around 8:00 am and hopped on a bus heading for Jinshanling. It took us about 3 hours to get there and on the way over there I dozed off a couple times. Got to say getting there is really a pain in the ass without a tour guide. When we finally made it there, I almost tripped over as I jumped off the bus. My legs numbed after hours of bus ride, it was not until I stretched them for a while that we headed to the wall.

You guys would have never guessed how I felt when I first saw the snaking walls; even I myself could not just find the right words to describe it at the time! I was totally stunned by what was unfolding before my eyes – the remote snaking wall meandering in the wilderness and disappearing into the horizon beyond. However, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour was not officially started until we hiked along on the wall. Got to say nothing was the same as what I saw when I stood beneath the wall. It was really marvelous to get to see the mind-blowing sweeping views on the wall. By the way hiking up Jinshanling is really challenging as some sections of the wall had completely fallen into pieces and the path was overgrown with wild plants, making it quite hard to walk through. However, with the help of my experienced tour guide, I slowly got the hang of climbing such tricky sections.

Moreover, after hours of hiking, the path led us through dozens of watch towers which had also fallen apart or were in ruins, but it made a lovely sight for some photos. I was really tired after hours of hiking, but I was glad that it was all rewarded! Before I knew it, we had to call it a day with this Jinshanling Great Wall tour, though i still wanted to see more.

It was really an amazing Jinshanling Great Wall tour, highly recommended to those looking to taste some adventures in Beijing!

Mutianyu Jinshanling Simatai Great Wall Which is The Best?

If you want to have a Great Wall Tour for hiking activity then this tour line could be the best. Jisnhanling which famous for its hiking section has been attracted lots of hikers from both local and even foreigners. With this Jinshanling Great Wall Tour, you will explore Great Wall in total of 3 days of the tour. Here, you could see the details:


First, our guide will pick you up from your hotel then transfer you to visit Mutianyu Great Wall. Hike for about 2-3 hours, enjoy the magnificent Great Wall as well as relaxing at the top of the Wall. After that, visit Ming Tombs, a large tomb complex where buried 13 Ming

[caption id="attachment_338" align="alignright" width="300"] Jinshanling Great Wall  Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

Dynasty emperors. Located surrounded by mountainous area, Ming Tombs offers relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. After lunch, drive you to Jinshanling Great Wall and stay overnight in Jinshanling Hotel.


On the second day, tour guide will guide you to start hike the east section of Jinshanling Great Wall to the west section of Simatai Great Wall. This section has popular for its hiking activities. The hiking path is relatively narrow, steep and offers its original features of Great Wall, with less renovation. The hike is about 12 km and takes about 4-5 hours traveling across 30 towers. You will have simple box lunch on the way. At about 04:00pm, you will get down from the Simatai section and stay overnight at a local inn Simatai Great Wall Courtyard Hotel.


On the third day, you will hike the east section of Simatai Great Wall and have lunch at local farmhouse restaurant. Simatai Great Wall is relatively less crowded and has its unique characteristic. After that, transfer you back to the hotel in Beijing.


The price of this Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking costs from US$ 257 (1,640 CNY) per person. Prepare your stamina for complete this hiking tour.


Price including:
1. Pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel;
2. Private air-conditioned luxury car or van;
3. All entrance tickets of the sightseeing;
4. Private driver and English-speaking tour guide, explain the sightseeing about the tour ;
5. Two-night stay at our designated inn or hotel;
6. Chinese meals as listed.

Price excluding:
1.Cable car at the great wall;
2.Tips to drivers and guides.