Gorgeous Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

For the modern tourists, booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour has become a must-choose tourism line. With considerable service and deep traditional culture, Jinshanling Great Wall tour not only could take tourists avoiding the modern noisy enjoying tranquil environment but also present you the traditional tastes and wild appearance of Great Wall buildings. What the most attractive point is that Jinshanling Great Wall tour could lead you a camp life. Nowadays, in addition to Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall also lured all the people with charming scenery and beat preserved appearance. The tour, we offered would take you to appreciate two large spots and return you much surprising.

[caption id="attachment_396" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall of China tour Great Wall of China tour[/caption]

Same with Jinshnaling Great Wall tour, this tour would offer the pick-up service and take you to appreciate the largest cluster tomb groups - Ming Tomb. This spot will take you to the Ming Dynasty to appreciate the mausoleum of ancient royal family. You would be arranged to appreciate the Underground Palace. This tomb section is the only building presenting underground style. From the building style, decoration inside and background, you would arouse a kind of feeling of back to the ancient times. Atmosphere, dazzling building construction and ancient history would make you have a better understanding about Chinese history.

In the afternoon, you would be arranged to enjoy typical Chinese lunch. If you have enough interests, tour guide would tell you some more information about the Chinese cooking. Compared to Jinshanling Great Wall tour, Mutianyu Great Wall this tour offered will be more bright and graceful. Being rented as the most charming and gorgeous section, Mutianyu Great Wall has received many famous celebrities. Informative tour guide would offer you the detail explanation about the background, history and culture. Certainly, you could choose the cable car to start your hiking journey. It is better to hike by foot, because doing like this, you would get closer to this historical mystery.

If you are very interested in this interesting one day bus tour, please contact us and we would do our best to entertain your holiday!

Price including:

1. Pick-up and drop off service from your hotel;

2. Entrance tickets of the sightseeing.

3. Excellent English-speaking tour guide.

4. Air-conditioned car or van with driver.

5. A typical Chinese lunch.

Price excluding:

1. Fee of cable car;

2. Tips to the guide and driver.