Giant Building, Sophisticated Appearance

As a disabled person, the places on interests I met are few. However, several days ago, I explored Jinshanling Great Wall with my family. My son got that I was very interested in Chinese great wall buildings, so he booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour for relaxing and entertain me. To be honest, I hold a little interests and I want to they leave me to explore. My son persuaded me that Jinshanling Great Wall tour contained considerable service and professional tour guide. Under his persuasion, I followed them.

[caption id="attachment_46" align="alignright" width="300"]Great Wall Of China Great Wall Of China[/caption]

On the whole journey, considerable tour guide gave us the most sincere service and explained the detail information about Jinshanling Great Wall. My feeling gradually became exciting and happy. For Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I hold confidence! After arrived at the foot of this section, I was taken from the bus. My wife shoved me. Soon, my vision was impressed by the naughty surroundings including the crowded tourists, vendors and many local farmers. The souvenirs sold by the vendors are dazzling, pearl and jade, etc. After a while, tour guide told me that Jinshnaling Great Wall tour started. Of course, I took the cable car and my wife. My son and my grandson, daughter-in-law climbed. Considerable tour guide helped me and come to the cable car. There are so many tourists gathered here. Jinshanling Great Wall is truly an amazing section, grand and giant! Scenery here is so charming that I could smell the flavor of the soil.

After getting on the cable car, with the alarm rang, we were flying. Oh, how cool this feeling! Appreciating the scenery outside, I felt so proud that I could not understand which word could express me inner heart. Flying feeling is so cool that I felt that I was just like a bird. After about seven minutes, we arrived at the top place. Sitting on the wheelchair, appreciating the scenery surrounded, tasting the fresh air here, listening to the communication from the tourists, you really could understand this kind of feeling. After drinking water, my wife led me wandered for a while. I could make sure that Jinshanling Great Wall is the same as tour guide said: it is the unrestored section in the great wall groups. Wild appearance, original features endowed to it. After about 2 hours, my family finished Jinshnaling Great Wall tour hiking!

On the way back to my hotel, I record the feeling of exploring this section, meaningful and exciting!