First Tour in 2004 – Exciting Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

To celebrate my birthday, last Thursday, I explored Jinshanling Great Wall with my family. I tasted Beijing Roast Duck, appreciated Beijing Forbidden City. It is time to research Chinese Great Wall sections. Booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of mine. In the earlier time, I have heard that this section is very different from other sections. After telling my family, they agreed with me. To our surprised is that Jinshanling Great Wall tour offered by Beijing Landscapes Company contained so considerable service and cheap price.

Jinshanling Great WallIn order to enjoy a wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared enough and dressed loose clothes. On the whole journey to Jinshanling, I imagined its appearance, features and surroundings. Informative tour guide told us that it is better to lead the children take the cable car to hike, because there are some ruined sections with slope features. After arrived at this section, weather gradually becomes warmer. There are many vendors ranking in the foot. Souvenirs, food, clothes and some other toys are all scattered here. My wife took my little children taking the cable car and I hiked it by foot. I wanted to get closer to it and feel the deep culture of this mysterious section. Jinshanling Great Wall tour started in the exciting phenomenon.

Under the sunshine, I stepped on this wonderful building. It is truly an amazing with sophisticated appearance. All the surroundings seemed to be standing still, only it presenting alive and lifelike. The stages were made by the stone brick showed the profound history. It seemed that I could smell its culture, unique and bright! Touching the bricks built on, I felt proud. Even though the season is the earlier spring and weather showed a little colder, I felt warm and a little hot. There are many garbage boxes ranking along this section. Only they could add some modern tastes to this historical relic. Hiking on, breathing fresh air and appreciating the wild scenery, I thought I have mixed into Chinese ancient history. Tourists hiked in this section become more and more. We communicated and talking about its history and shared the exciting feeling.

About hiking 1.5 hours, I stepped on the top and my wife and children have arrived. We took many pictures and enjoyed this happy time. At that time, I thought there will be nothing important than this kind of feeling.

Wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour is easy to get!