Fine Weather in Cold Winter Tour

I like China very much, because my mother is Chinese. When I was in my childhood, my mother always told me that the capital of China is a mysterious city where is full of colors and wonders. At that time, I believed her and wanted to have a look in Beijing. Now, I was studying in China. I have heard that the most dazzling representatives – Beijing Great Wall groups have become the heart of Beijing attractions. I only appreciated them in the book or TV, but did not get closer to them. This time, I must challenge them. Researching on the internet and asked my Chinese friends. Under the suggestion of my Chinese teacher, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

[caption id="attachment_554" align="alignright" width="300"]Jinshanling Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall[/caption]

After getting some basic information about this Jinshanling Great Wall tour from my tour company, I started to prepare. On the second day, when I was enjoying my typical breakfast, my tour guide telephoned me. I ate up my food and run to them. After getting on the tour bus, I felt warmer, because the Beijing winter presented a little colder. To my lucky, I dressed thick clothes. Accompany with the travelers, we talked about many Chinese emperors and histories. It seemed we are acting or we are appreciating Chinese traditional films. Each of the sentences we related was connecting Beijing Great Wall. On the whole journey, our bus is full of laughing and happy atmosphere.

After arrived at the Jinsanling Great Wall, I was first impressed by the elegant Jinshan Mountain. It looked like a mother guarding this section. To our happy is that weather gradually became warmer and warmer, sunshine and alive. I like this kind of tastes very much. Jinshanling Great Wall tour started! After I stepped on this building, all the scenery was poured into my mind. Its wild appearance and original features ran into my vision quickly. Each step is so easy for me that I took pictures and appreciated. Even though weather is in winter, I felt very hot after the half way hiking. On the hiking journey, I communicated with several Chinese tourists and my considerate tour guide. They are so kind giving me as much as they got. Jinshanling Great Wall tour is full f exciting and I did not want to go back last. In order to memory my exciting tour, I climbed on the highest point and took some photos with my tour accompanies.

If you are very interested in Jinshanling Great Wall tour, book it quickly!