Fine Weather, Exciting Hiking Journey

I felt very proud I booked this Jinshanling Great Wall tour. It really brought me too much. My father liked Chinese Great Wall groups very much. He has explored Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall ever. This time booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour is the suggestion of his friends. So, he took me come to Beijing to enjoy. Upon hearing this news, I got very excited. I could get loser to Chinese Great Wall. After going back to school, I could show off.

[caption id="attachment_445" align="alignright" width="300"]Jinshanling Jinshanling[/caption]

We charged the camera first and bought a lot of water and food for our Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Of course, I think my tour will be more terrific. Tour guide is older than me and she told me much about the history of Jinshanling Great Wall section. To be honest, I stored a little interest about its culture and history but the appearance. However, my father is very interested all the information about it. After arriving at this section, I felt very excited but only seeing the vendors selling at the foot of this section. It seemed that I have appreciated this section, not clear. After some researching, I found the food sold here is more expensive than those in my country. To my lucky, we brought some with me. Upon stepping on this section, Jinshanling Great Wall tour started!

Under the spacious blue sky, this whole section presented more vigorous and dazzling. My father praised this section and took pictures with it. It is just like a dragon stretching, hovering among this elegant mountain, dazzling and alive. Under the sunlight, with light warm wind breezing, this section is just like lifelike picture full of people and charming scenery. From our tour guide, we got this elegant mountain we appreciated is called Jinshan Mountain. During the hiking journey, I saw loads of tourists hiking this section through taking the cable car. But, I think hiking will be more terrific. I could get closer to the plants here. Sometimes, there will be some birds flying away. I think this kind of scene is the right point we wanted! After stepping on the top point, we shouted to the far distance, happy and exciting.

After Jinshanling Great Wall tour ended, we were reluctant to leave. Now, when we appreciating the pictures, my mind will always fly to Beijing!