Design a Terrific Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Together with my family, we challenged a terrific Jinshanling Great Wall tour experience. Weather gave us the best appearance making us feel very comfortable and exciting. With considerable service and professional tour guide, Jinshanling Great Wall tour entertains our holiday a lot! We were picked up in the early morning. When arrived at the Jinshanling Great Wall, time has been 9:00 clock. My mother liked his section very much and she got up very early. I and my father got up late, so we delayed!

[caption id="attachment_641" align="alignright" width="259"]Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Jinshanling Great Wall Tour[/caption]

After arriving at this section, what appeared in my mind are the crowded tourists, children, adult and families. There is enough sunlight which could give us the comfortable sunlight bath. Jinshanling Great Wall tour is exciting and incomparable. There are so many vendors ranking along this section forming a kind of naughty phenomenon. Some are selling the drinks, some are souvenirs and some are the children toys. I got very interested in the panda toys, lovely and cute. During the Jinshanling Great Wall tour hiking, I got much and learnt much including the hiking, taking pictures and some other tips. Now, I would like to share them with you!

1. Jinshanling Great Wall is very far from Beijing city center. Booking a Jinshanling Great Wall tour is very appropriate. Because if you want to come here for self-drive, you should get clear about the road line and book hotel in advance, wasting time and money.

2. Before your tour, you should prepare the drinks and food in advance, because the food and drinks sold in the great wall are very expensive. Prepare in advance, you could not only save money but also time.

3. Carving or marking in casual should be forbidden. Nowadays, in order to memory their important holiday experience, tourists always carved and marked on the ancient wall, writing their name, their feeling and so on. I want to say this kind of behavior is bad. We should protect this heritage and warn others to protect.

4. Littering anywhere should be forbidden here. After eating the snacks or the drinking, we should throw the rubbish into the garbage box. During the hiking way, there are many cleaners cleaning the surroundings, very laborious! There are garbage boxes in this section.

These tips are learnt in this hiking journey. Hope they are helpful to you!