Cheerful Jinshnaling Great Wall Hiking Experience

I would store this memory in my mind forever! Challenging Jinshanling Great Wall tour truly left me a deep impression. Together with my mother to experience this section, I learnt more and got more. I am Singapore and my mother is Chinese. This time, booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we considered came to China to visit my grandmother and have a fully relaxed. My mother was very interested in Chinese Great Wall, because during her young age, she is failed to explore.

To our surprised is we only spent US$ 47 for our Jinshanling Great Wall tour. Tour guide was a girl who was smart and intelligent. I clearly remembered after arriving at Jinshanling Great Wall section, my mother nods her head and she said it is truly the right section she wanted to appreciate and research. I really did not get her meaning. What appeared in front of me is a large scale wild features and original appearance. Before start our Jinshanling Great Wall tour, tour guide gave s some detail points we should pay attention. After stepping this section, I have a special kind of feeling I have flied to the ancient times. I was completely impressed by its original appearance. This time, it seemed that I understood my mothers feeling. On the whole journey, taking pictures become our main task. We wanted to take them home and present to my father. Under the warm sunshine, we chatted and communicated with the hiking partners and our tour guide. I learnt that Jinshanling Great Wall plaid a very important role in the ancient times. I could not imagine how they were built under the condition without the advanced tool and engines.

We got a surprise when we got building this section spent millions of laborers. How a large numbers it is! When hiked the half way, my mother got very tired. I advice her taking the cable car, she gave up. We helped each other and go on hiking. Scenery on the high location is very different from the foot, charming and fresh. Air her is clearer than any places of Beijing. After hiking for twenty minutes, we arrived at the highest section. Standing on the top, shouted to the far distance, happy and unforgettable.

Jinshanling Great Wall tour brought me not only the real culture of China but the life theory which is could not be studied anywhere!