Best Itineraries and Good Plan

This time of booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I think I have earned much! I felt very proud that I made such a smart decision. In fact, in the original time, my wife wants to explore Badaling Great Wall. However, I have challenged it ever for many times and I knew this section is always squeezing and crowded. After persuading my wife, we consulting my Chinese friends and choose Jinshanling Great Wall tour. To be honest, exploring Jinshanling Great Wall has been added into my dream plan. I really want to unveil its mask and see how it was built. After finishing booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, we prepared a lot of clothes and food, because this season is winter adding this section is the most far away from Beijing center.

On the departure day, when we are enjoying our breakfast, tour bus arrived! I felt very sorry that we have not done the enough preparation to greet them. After finishing this food, we ran to them and got on the bus. This bus provided is a new and grand bus which could stand about 30 people. There are many tourists came from Singapore. We communicated with each other and talk about our feelings and Chinese history. From our tour guide, we got some basic information about each great wall section. I really think it is very interesting. During the whole journey, the whole bus is full of laugh.

After arriving at this section, getting down the bus, I first felt very cold, not because the weather but this section sent out. From the foot appreciating, it looks like an old man guarding this area and Beijing City. After doing the preparations, my Jinshanling Great Wall tour started. Wow, it is so elegant that I could not see its ending. There are many vendors arranging their souvenirs along this wall adding more modern tastes to this old man. When climbing at the central way, I saw its sophisticated appearance, wild and original. But, this time, I have got very tired. Under the help of my wife, I did my best climbing longer. But, I was really tired. Each step is just like an elegant mountain difficult to climb. So, after a short time resting, I went on. To my surprised, I finally succeed!

Much thanks to Jinshanling Great Wall tour! I really got much!