Adventurous Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Experience

Truly amazing scenery in Jinshanling Great Wall! I felt very proud when appreciating the pictures took in this section. Much thanks to my informative tour guide – Lisa who gave me considerable service and detail history explanation! In the original, before booking Jinshanling Great Wall tour, I have no idea about this section. I only heard Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. Under the suggestion of my Chinese friends, they told me that the late summer is ideal time to explore this section. So, I booked Jinshanling Great Wall tour in Beijing Landscapes Company. I believed this company very much, because I was the regular customer of it!

On the journey to this section, tour guide gave me the basic rules I should follow and some tips. At that time, I did not understand why there are so many tips. I really want to be fast to reach it. After arrived at this section, what appeared in the mind are the vendors selling souvenirs and water, food. Jinshanling Great Wall tour starts in the live atmosphere. After stepping on this giant section, I felt into its wild appearance, old and sophisticated as well as ruined! Holding exciting feeling, go on hiking. Scenery here is truly fresh and dazzling. All the plants are natural and charming. I started like this section. On the half way hiking journey, I got very thirsty. To my surprised is that water here sold very expensive, wasting of money! Thus time, I remembered the tips tour guide told me. Sometimes, I sited on the section for a while and sometimes, I took pictures with charming scenery.

Tourists here are becoming more and more, Jinshanling Great Wall tour experience also become more alive and naughty. Communicating with the making me understand much and leant much. Under the sunlight shining, all the things on the earth presented more alive and fresh. Touching the wall buildings, I felt unique warm and exciting. Admiring Chinese ancient people, I started interested in this giant building project. Original features of Great Wall are all gathering in this section. After about one hour, I stepped on the top, shouting and laughing! I really did know how to express the exciting feeling I held. I only knew I got my wonderful Jinshanling Great Wall tour.

On the way back to the foot of this section, I thought a lot and shared my feeling and ideas to my tour guide. She told me that this section is far away from Beijing center, where I could find the natural features of this world.